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AgriMAXX Wheat varieties are leading the industry in high yields. If your goal is high yields, you've come to the right place. By teaming up with AgriMAXX Wheat, farmers are setting themselves up for success.
See What Real Farmers Had To Say -“I have never had wheat this good before.” Larry Lanter, Mascoutah, IL
With our National Distribution Team we have reps in every U.S. Wheat Region.
Varieties for each geographic U.S. Region. Find the perfect variety for your geography today!
AgriMAXX firmly believes in protecting product performance to ensure favorable yield results. Protecting product performance is a season long endeavor, not just a moment in time when a field exhibits disease. It all starts with the seed.

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2017 AgriMAXX Wheat Seed Guide!

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Family Owned Wheat Company

AgriMAXX Wheat is an independent, family owned wheat company that specializes in top yielding, locally adapted wheat varieties across the country. With this strategic localized approach, AgriMAXX Wheat has become one of the fastest growing wheat companies in the United States and ranks in the Top 10 for Soft Red Winter wheat sales. Backed by powerful research, testing and localized production, wheat growers enjoy the industry leading performance of AgriMAXX Wheat varieties on their farm.